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Spain: Ecocity Valdespartera Zaragoza

Ecocity Valdespartera is a residential area of 10.000 dwellings and an estimated population of 25,000 people. The city is endowed with a whole infrastructure of network services. The scope of Eptisa's work consisted in the definition, supply, installation and commissioning of the telecontrol network to manage the infrastructures from the same municipal technical services.

The Telecontrol network allows for an integrated vision of all the services networks, which in turn guarantees the definition of a common measurement infrastructure (data capture) and transmission to a centre where all knowledge of the services networks resides. This integrated vision entails, maximizing the efficiency in the technical management of the networks by providing data to the technical management in charge of the exploitation.

Furthermore, the system generates a knowledge base that will allow understanding and disseminating the bioclimatic behavioural patterns of the ecocity.
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