Smart Cities

The way we approach our cities is changing. Rapid technological advancements have given rise to a data rich society that has shown us there are more effective ways to shape our urban areas, in order to improve the quality of life for the people who live there.

As we look to a future where our cities become more efficient, sustainable, healthier and smarter, JSTI and our partners across the world are already providing solutions that are helping to shape tomorrow's world. In Peru, we are working on an integrated geographical information system that will feedback more data than ever before to help management of the city become more efficient. In China's Hunan province we have conducted feasibility research into an intelligent transport system aimed at improving social mobility through the introduction of sustainable transport means. The project will also deliver economic, social and environmental benefits to the region.
  • Water (Sustainable Water Management System)
    • Collection and storage
    • Optimized distribution
    • Treatment and purification
    • Recycling
    • Non-revenue water
  • Urban Management Optimization (Governance & Economy)
    • Land Urban planning & cadastre system
    • Urban Asset Inventory Management
    • Intelligent Management of underground works (GIS&Scada System)
    • Integrated and unique database of information based in GIS System
    • Geographical Dashboards
  • Urban Mobility
    • Fleet Management
    • Real Time Traffic Management
    • Smart Logistics
    • Traffic Lights Management
    • Highway Management
  • Citizen's participation
    • Citizen's information and collaborative Web
    • Digital interactive tourism Guides
    • Access to cultural digital contents
    • Video education/awareness raising
  • Environment & Energy Efficiency (Ecocity)
    • Renewable energies and Energy efficiency systems
    • Optimized distribution and individualized supply
    • Public lightning
    • CO 2 Emission reduction
    • Energy efficiency in Buildings
    • Urban Solid Waste Management
  • Emergencies and Safety (Citizens security)
    • Police intelligence
    • Crime analysis
    • Cyber-surveillance and Intelligent surveillance
    • Emergency services dispatching
    • Fire prevention system
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