At JSTI we recognize that a community's relationship with their built environment is only as good as the social and economic governance that underpins it. We work with communities, local, regional and national governments along with international organizations to deliver meaningful projects that positively impact people at a grass roots level.

Our services in this area mainly cover:
-  Economic Development
-  Governance
-  Social & Environmental Sustainability
-  Monitoring & Evaluation

We have lead on specific economic development programmes such as our work in Honduras implementing a programme designed to increase the capabilities of government to promote legitimate work opportunities and reduce unemployment in the country.

In Algeria we worked to deliver a sustainable environmental policy focused on the city of Algiers, providing support, guidance and technical assistance to the government's Physical Planning & Environment department.

JSTI offers a range of both soft and hard infrastructure in this sector to allow authorities to meet the demands and the concerns of the people who they are there to serve. 
  • Economic Development
    • Local and regional economic development 
    • Regional integration and Trade
    • Private sector development and Support to SMEs
    • Agriculture, rural development and food security
  • Governance
    • Public administration reform, local governance and decen-tralization
    • Support to civil society and non-State actors
    • Employment and professional formation
    • Justice, security and violence prevention
    • Public Finance Reform
    • General Budget Support (GBS) and Sector Policy Support Programmes (SPSP) 
  • Social and Environmental Sustainability
    • Climate Change and Energy efficiency 
    • Sustainable Urban Development and Social Innovation
    • ?Social and Environmental approaches
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
    • Monitoring systems 
    • Evaluation of Programs, Policies and Instruments
    • Systematization of interventions
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