As global energy demands soar to unprecedented levels and as awareness of the damage that reliance on traditional forms of energy production has caused, it is no wonder that many industry experts refer to an approaching tipping point with regards to how the future of our planet will play out.

In China, we have been at the centre of the problem, witnessing first hand the tremendous benefits that access to energy can bring but also the sobering realities that over reliance on dated energy production systems cause.

With this in mind, JSTI is now fully committed to providing innovative energy solutions that consider the cleanest and most efficient ways to produce our energy in order to eliminate poverty and support broader economic development. We work on conventional energy production systems to optimise their outputs in cost-effective and more sustainable ways, whilst working tirelessly to accelerate the adoption of greener methods of energy production.

Specific services that we offer in the area include:
•  Climate Change Policy Support
•  Development of Energy Efficient Strategies
•  Energy Economics & Energy Policy
•  Implementation of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Projects
•  Exploration & Design
•  Pre-feasibility Studies
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