An ever-increasing quality of life in China has given rise to an ever-increasing demand for healthy and pollution free environments. China is now the global leader when it comes to investment into green technologies and the both government and private enterprises are placing environmental concerns firmly at the heart of any new developments.

For JSTI, environmental concerns now form a core tenet of our business and we are continuously looking to expand our capabilities in this area. In 2016 we acquired one of the world's leading environmental testing firms, TestAmerica, in order to meet a growing demand for the highest standard of services when it comes to environmental protection.

  • Solid Waste
    • Waste Management and Treatment
    • ?Industrial pollution control and risk management
    • ?Industrial safety and sustainability studies
    • ?Renewable energies
  • Natural Environment
    • Natural Environment studies 
    • Environmental Impact Assessments and audits
    • Landscape integration
    • Environmental restoration
    • Water resources management, river basin management and flood control
    • Air quality management
    • Soil pollution and soil remediation
    • Forestry, nature conservation and biodiversity
  • Risk Management of Natural Disasters
  • Sustainable Development
    • Institutional strengthening and capacity building of environmental authorities at all levels
    • Environmental policy, regulations, and enforcement
    • Development and implementation of various economic instruments
    • Waste management (municipal solid waste, industrial and hazardous waste, etc.)
    • Regional and urban sustainable development
    • Environmental information, communication and public awareness
    • Environmental due-diligence
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