We help cities and communities manage their water in more efficient, effective and sustainable ways whilst maximising its utility. We firmly believe that water should be recognised as the fundamental resource it truly is and never a burden, threat or concern to anyone, anywhere around the world.

JSTI offers design and implementation for key water infrastructure along with water supply, storage and sanitation systems. Specific projects that we have worked on include urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, risk management for water related natural disasters, harnessing the natural power of water through hydropower and hydroelectric dams along with fully integrated water management systems. 

  • Water
    • Technical assistance to improve municipal infrastructures planning and management
    • Institutional capacity building to improve natural resources management
  • Engineering & construction of water treatment facilities
    • Studies, design and works supervision of water treatment plants (WTP, WWTP, Desalination Plants)
    • Turnkey projects of water treatment plants
  • Design, supervision and maintenance of hydraulic infrastructures
    • Preliminary and general studies for infrastructure planning
    • Engineering and design of:
    • water control & storage structures: dams and reservoirs
    • water conveyance systems: pipes and canals
    • water distribution systems
    • sewerage systems
    • irrigation systems
    • hydroelectric power plants
    • Support to client procurement and bidding processes
    • Technical assistance and works supervision
    • Operation, maintenance and safety of hydraulic infrastructures
    • IT systems to control and manage hydraulic infrastructures
  • Natural resources management and protection
    • Integrated water resources management
    • Water control and monitoring
    • Master plans for water supply, water treatment and sanitation
    • Fluvial hydraulic and river restoration
    • Assessment and management of risks and natural disasters
    • Natural resources sustainability: characterization, protection and management
    • Municipal solid waste management
    • IT solutions to control and manage water resources
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