Oceans, seas and rivers continue to play a fundamental role in trade, business and the movement of people across the world. China's development has meant that there is now a significant demand to further develop its' maritime infrastructure in order to accommodate and facilitate more ocean-going trade. Moreover, the One Belt One Road strategy has encouraged investment into waterborne trade with a vast number of countries and regions along the new sea faring route looking to capitalise on the opportunities that will become available.

JSTI has been involved with a number of large scale projects in this area, working with partners across the whole process of delivery. Some of the services that we are able to provide include survey and design, testing and inspection, project management and construction supervision.

Our work on a coastal reclamation project in Guangdong, construction of a new deep-waterway along the Yangtze and development of a new deep-water port in Changzhou are just some of the typical projects where our expertise has been applied.
  • Planning Consultation
    • Comprehensive planning for water transport
    • Economic analysis and development strategies research on water transport traffic
    • Water transport organization design
    • Water transport safety evaluation and planning
    • Water transport engineering pre-consultation
    • Railway engineering pre-consultation
  • Survey and Design
    • Design, consultation and scientific research of water transport engineering
  • Test and Inspection
    • Providing professional quality control center solutions for large-scale construction projects in water transport engineering
    • Covering comprehensive testing, delivery and completion testing and overall evaluation program related to water transport.
    • Covering safety technology consulting services related to water transport.
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