While pursuing sustainable corporate development and the leading role of the industry in continuous progress, JSTI group focuses on the value of its employees and the continuous improvement of their abilities as well. It establishes a sustainable talent development program by combining the Group's strategy, core business challenges and key talent development. Through the corporate university talent growth planning, complete faculty system and professional curriculum system, it creates a set of systematic talent training projects for employee growth and development which includes "performance improvement" to enhance employee work efficiency, "action learning" to conduct reform practices, "coaching skills" to deploy coaching and inheritance and "knowledge management" to precipitate organizational wisdom.
Based on the actual problems and difficulties in the process of talent training and development as well as the avenue of combining the concepts of training and development with school-enterprise cooperation and industry services, the corporate university has built the overall framework of the three cores, including JSTI group training and development, cooperation and service, and Party school,and formed three brand training programs for leadership development program,project managers training program,and new employees'training program.. The E-learning network academy and JSTIer WeChat learning platform are built to provide comprehensive learning services for employees, help talent development and performance improvement and support the implementation of corporate strategies.
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